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Welcome ...

The German Scout Association St. George (DPSG) is the catholic scout association (DPSG) with about 80.000 members in Germany

  • 1929 founded
  • 1938 banned after the take over of the Nazis
  • 1945 at the end of World War Two scouting reestablished in Germany
  • 1950 German scouts joined the "Word Organization of the Scout movement" (WOSM)
  • 1971 Girls could also join the DPSG

The root of the DPSG is the international scout movement, founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell in 1907.

  • The DPSG educates young people to self-reliant and responsible persons
  • Scouts play a constructive role in the church and the society
  • Scouts leave the world a bit better than it was before
  • Scouts are working in small groups, where each member is responsible for itself and the others
  • Scouting is practical, it‚Äôs "Learning by doing"
  • Scouts take responsibility for themselves and their life "Paddle your own canoe"
  • Scout groups are guided by adult leaders

As a catholic scouting organization, the DPSG educates young people in the mission of the gospel of Jesus Christ

  • The DPSG is a part of the catholic church
  • The DPSG offers young people an age-based approach to religion
  • Religions elements are a part of the groups activities

Baden Powell, the founder of the scout movement, understood international friendship of young people as a contribution for peace in the world. That’s why scouts attach great value to international contacts.

  • The DPSG has partnerships to scouts from France (SGdF "Scouts et Guides de France"), Poland (ZHP "Zwiazek Harcerstwa Polskiego") Rwanda (ASR "Association des Scouts du Ruanda") and other states.
  • The members of the DPSG take part in international scout camps
  • There are about 28 millions of scouts in 216 countries of the world

The members of the DPSG meet in local groups.

  • There are four kinds of groups for different ages: "W√∂lflinge" (7 to 9), "Jungpfadfinder" (10 to 12), "Pfadfinder" (13 to15) and "Rover" (16 to 20)
  • The groups meet weekly and for hikes and camps
  • Boys and girls are together in coeducational groups
  • The program of the groups is organized by their members as far as possible

The scout of Mannheim are part of the district "Mannheim Bergstraße" of the DPSG

  • About 600 local members
  • Groups at 8 places in the district
  • Main themes of the districts work are: Support of the leaders of the local groups, education of the leaders, participation at the "Peace light of Betlehem" and the support of the exchange of experience of the leaders.

Mannheim and the nearby cities of Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen and Weinheim are part of the "Rhein Neckar Region" ‚Äď the region of the confluence of the two rivers Rhein and Neckar.

  • Industiral region with about 2 Million habitants
  • Good transport connections to the city of Karlsruhe in the south and Frankfur and the "Rhein Main Region" in the north.
  • Favorable geographical situation in the lowlands beside of the Rhein river with winegrowing regions and big woodlands in the west and east

Don't hesitate to sent an Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots gesch√ľtzt! Sie m√ľssen JavaScript aktivieren, damit Sie sie sehen k√∂nnen. if you need information. You're always welcome.

If your looking for more information about scouts in Germany you could try our national homepage or the World Organisation of Scout Movement of course.

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