During the past it had to become normal to translate "amateur radio and scouts" in Germany into "Radio-Scouting".

In the three big German scout associations of the RdP (Ring deutscher Pfadfinderverbaende) there are a lot of scouts who are interessed about amateur radio very special. Some of them have their own radio callsign.

Since more than 10 years there is a group of the VCP (Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder) in Bremen-Kattenesch: "the Bremer Funkergilde". Maybe You have made a contact to one of the clubstation calls DF0VCP, DK0VCP or DL0VCP before. Meanwhile the group consits of some engineers, who work in whole Germany. But regular they meet themselves, make Radio-Scouting-excursions (whitsun => see OZ 1 RDP) and take influence to the future of JOTA and JOTI in Germany. More informations You will find under their own homepage.
Whitesun-activities of the Bremer Funkergilde the last years:
         time                       place                               activ clubstations

29.05. - 31.05.1993     Barkamp/Hamburg            DF0VCP, DL0VCP, DK0VCP
20.05. - 23.05.1994     Dranske/Rügen                 DF0VCP, DL0VCP, DK0VCP, DF0GSN
02.06. - 05.06.1995     Kongsmark/Roemoe          OZ1RDP
24.05. - 27.05.1996     Kongsmark/Roemoe          OZ1RDP
16.05. - 20.05.1997     Kongsmark/Roemoe          OZ1RDP
29.05. - 01.06.1998     Kongsmark/Roemoe          OZ1RDP
21.05. - 24.05.1999     Kongsmark/Roemoe          OZ1RDP
10.06. - 12.06.2000     Kongsmark/Roemoe          OZ1RDP
02.06. - 05.06.2001     Kongsmark/Roemoe          OZ1RDP
18.05. - 21.05.2002     Kongsmark/Roemoe          OZ1RDP
07.06. - 10.06.2003     Kongsmark/Roemoe          OZ1RDP
29.05. - 02.06.2004    Kongsmark/Roemoe          OZ1RDP